DEMO Awareness Tutorial


An IST/INESC tutorial offered in association with CBI 2015.

17 July 2015 - 9:00-12:30 & 14:00-17:00

Instituto Superior Técnico (room AM)


DEMO (Design and Engineering Methodology for Organisations) is the leading methodology in the new discipline of Enterprise Engineering (EE). In EE, an organisation is primarily considered as a purposefully designed system. Changing the organisation thus means re-designing and subsequently re-engineering it. Only in this way can unity and integration be achieved and preserved.

The philosophy of DEMO is that people are the pearls of every organisation. Equipped with the right authority and acting from the corresponding responsibility, these people deliver services to each other, in social interaction. The philosophy therewith offers sense making in work and encourages collaboration.

The theory of DEMO is that this social interaction takes place in universal patterns, called transactions. Business processes become clear tree structures of transactions, instead of mind-bending railroad yards. ICT applications supporting to people, they do not take over responsibility. The essence of every organisation is that it consists of a network of transactions and actors (employees with authority and responsibility), completely independent of any implementation.

This essence is captured in four integrated models: the Construction Model (actors and transactions), the Process Model (business events and business processes), the Fact Model (business objects and business facts) and the Action Model (business rules and work instructions).

Because these models are formalised, ICT applications can directly be generated from them, and the behavior of organisations can be studied through simulation.

You will get to know the paradigm shift in thinking about organisation, business processes, information systems and ICT that is caused by the underlying theories of DEMO. You will move over from the traditional, but ineffective and unsuccessful, application-centric paradigm to the effective and successful organisation-centric paradigm. You will learn the basic ideas of the DEMO theories, sufficient for understanding the four kinds of DEMO models. On the basis of small exercises and examples from practice, you will appreciate that the so-called essential model is comprehensive, coherent, consistent and yet concise, and that it captures the essence of an organisation, independent of realisation and implementation.


Organizer: Jan L.G. Dietz

Price (until 10 July):

  • Free - Full registered CBI participant
  • EUR 80 - IEEE Member
  • EUR 100 - Non-IEEE Member

Price (after 10 July):

  • Free - Full registered CBI participant
  • EUR 100 - IEEE Member
  • EUR 125 - Non-IEEE Member

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Audience: There are three target audiences for the course DEMO Awareness:

  • Employees and managers who are involved in DEMO projects and who want to be mature participants in these projects;
  • Managers and employees who want to be introduced to an organisational change approach that offers insight, overview and manageability;
  • Business and ICT professionals who want to acquire skills in Enterprise Engineering, and for whom the course DEMO Awareness is the first step.

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