Call for Papers

17th IEEE Conference on Business Informatics

Lisbon, Portugal, July 13 - 16, 2015

Important Dates

Abstract Submission: 19 March, 2015
Paper Submission: 26 March, 2015 - extended
Paper Acceptance: 11 May, 2015
Camera Ready: 29 May, 2015

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Business Informatics

Business Informatics is the scientific discipline targeting information processes and related phenomena in their socio-economical business context, including companies, organisations, administrations and society in general. Business Informatics is a fertile ground for research with the potential for immense and tangible impact. As a field of study, it endeavours to take a systematic and analytic approach in aligning core concepts from management science, organisational science, economics information science, and informatics into an integrated engineering science.

The CBI is aimed at creating a forum for researchers and practitioners from various fields that contribute to the construction, use and maintenance of information systems and the organisational context they are embedded in. Last but not least, we want to offer a common platform for Computer Scientist and Information Systems researchers. The benefits of such a cross-disciplinary conception are contrasted by a challenge: Authors who submit a paper take the risk to be assessed by standards that are different from those they are used to in their own communities. The CBI's organisation accounts for this challenge. It comprises various domains that represent certain communities. Domains may overlap. They are represented by two domain coordinators. To encourage submissions both from Computer Science and Information Systems, the domains are, if possible, coordinated by representatives of both disciplines. The domain coordinators are in charge of supervising the reviewing process and forming tracks depending on the collection of accepted papers. Tracks are not only intended to represent a certain subject area, but also to include papers from different communities.

When submitting a paper, authors are expected to name the domain they feel most related to. CBI 2015 includes the domains and topics listed next.

Business Data Engineering

Domain Coordinators:

  • Carsten Felden, Technical University of Freiberg, Germany
  • Gottfried Vossen, University of Münster, Germany


  • Advanced analytics, prediction, causal forecasting, and visualization
  • Big data veracity and quality, uncertainty and risk management
  • Business data integration
  • Business models for innovative use of big data
  • Corporate Knowledge Management
  • Decision making, forecasting, and fraud detection using big data
  • Information retrieval, information filtering and recommender systems
  • Social media analytics for business data engineering

Business Models & Service Innovation

Domain Coordinators:

  • Eng Chew, University of Technology, Sydney, Australia
  • Anne-Laure Mention, CRP Henri Tudor, Luxembourg


  • Approaches to leveraging digital technologies for service innovation and competitive advantage
  • Integrating business models with enterprise models
  • Interaction between business model innovation and service innovation
  • Theories, methods and tools for designing innovation in business models and services
  • Using business models at runtime

Business Process Management

Domain Coordinators:

  • Jan Mendling, Vienna University of Economics and Business, Austria
  • Mathias Weske, University of Potsdam, Germany


  • Business Process Analysis
  • Business Process Execution
  • Business Process Matching
  • Business Process Modeling
  • Complex Event Processing
  • Compliance of Business Processes
  • Monitoring of Business Processes
  • Similarity of Business Processes

Business Systems Engineering

Domain Coordinators:

  • Massimo Mecella, University of Rome, Italy
  • Manfred Reichert, University of Ulm, Germany


  • Enterprise Security
  • Gamification for TEL - Technology Enhanced Learning
  • IT Governance
  • Service Oriented Architectures and Web services
  • Smart Factories
  • Software architectures

Enterprise Architecture and Enterprise Engineering

Domain Coordinators:

  • Florian Matthes, Technical University Munich, Germany
  • Antonia Albani, University of St. Gallen, Switzerland


  • Agile methods for Enterprise Engineering & Architecture
  • Business Rules
  • Enterprise & Business transformation
  • Enterprise Architecture Languages, Methods, Management and Governance
  • Enterprise Modeling and Simulation
  • Enterprise Ontology
  • Methods for enterprise & business transformation

Industrial Services

Domain Coordinators:

  • Ralf Gitzel, ABB Corporate Research, Germany


  • Business models for industrial service
  • Industrial service reference models
  • IT systems for industrial service support
  • Planning approaches and business processes for industrial service
  • Remote service concepts and tools
  • Service data analytics and reliability engineering
  • Service for industrial software

Method Engineering

Domain Coordinators:

  • Jolita Ralyté, University of Geneva, Switzerland
  • Robert Winter, University of St. Gallen, Switzerland


  • Meta-modelling and method ontologies
  • MetaCASE
  • Method Driven Architecture
  • Method engineering in practice
  • Method evaluation techniques
  • Method repositories
  • Situational method engineering

Modelling in Business Informatics

Domain Coordinators:

  • Oscar Pastor, Valencia University of Technology, Spain
  • Steven Alter, University of San Francisco, United States of America


  • Advanced modelling environments
  • Economics of conceptual modelling
  • Meta-modelling
  • Model quality
  • Model-driven software development
  • Modelling methods
  • Models at runtime
  • Multilevel modelling

Format of papers

1. The format should follow the IEEE conference style:
2. Recommended paper lenght is up to 8 pages. Submission of up to 10 pages is possible with a fee due of 45 euros per extra page.
3. Only PDF files are accepted.
4. Submission URL:
5. There is a limit of 250 words for the abstract.
6. In the submission form, please select all topics from one or more domains that relate with your paper
7. Important note: since the review process is double-blind, please make sure that your names and affiliations are not listed in the paper submitted for review!


The reviewing process of the CBI conference series aims to provide authors with valuable feedback on their papers, even when a submission is rejected. As such, the CBI conference series operates under the principle that a serious submission deserves a serious review. All papers will be reviewed by at least 3 reviewers.


The proceedings of the CBI series are published by the IEEE as a electronic publication with its own ISBN number. The proceedings are made available to the conference participants by means of a USB stick, while also being included in the IEEE digital library. Depending on their topic, outstanding papers are recommended to one of a number of renowned journals, the editors of which have agreed to collaborating with the CBI.

CBI 2015 Organization

General Co-chairs:
José Tribolet, University of Lisbon, Portugal
KJ Lin, University of California Irvine, USA

PC Co-Chairs:
Ulrich Frank, University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany
David Aveiro, University of Madeira, Portugal

Workshop Chair:
Elena Kornyshova, Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers, Paris, France

Publication Chair:
Sérgio Guerreiro, Universidade Lusófona and Universidade da Beira Interior, Portugal

Financial Chair:
Miguel Mira da Silva, University of Lisbon, Portugal

Local Organization Chair:
Rui Santos Cruz, University of Lisbon, Portugal

Industry Co-Chairs:
Pedro Sousa, University of Lisboa, Portugal
Jorge Sanz, IBM Research, USA
Frank Harmsen, Maastricht University, The Netherlands

CBI Steering Committee:
Birgit Hofreiter, Vienna University of Technology, Austria
Christian Huemer, Vienna University of Technology, Austria
Henderik A. Proper, Public Research Centre Henri Tudor, Luxembourg
Jorge Sanz, IBM Research, USA
KJ Lin, University of California, Irvine, USA
Stéphane Marchand-Maillet, University of Geneva, Switzerland