• Jan Dietz, TU Delft, The Netherlands
  • Albert Fleischmann, Interaktiv.Expert, Germany
  • Sergio Guerreiro, Univ. of Lusofona, Portugal
  • Werner Schmidt, TH Ingolstadt, Germany
  • Chris Stary, Univ. of Linz, Austria
  • Jan Verelst, Univ. of Antwerpen, Belgium

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This seminar offers the opportunity to present and discuss theoretical and practical aspects of Business Process Management (BPM) approaches. It allows participants deepening their understanding of conceptual foundations of two approaches, namely DEMO and S-BPM, based on corresponding tutorials and subsequent collective reflection.

DEMO and S-BPM are methodologies that try to base their method(s) and technique(s) on appropriate theoretical foundations. Consequently, the proper understanding of the underlying concepts is crucial for their effective application in practice. In this seminar, their theoretical foundations and application capabilities will be revealed and discussed thoroughly, in order to recognize their position in the realm of modeling and execution support of business processes.

To this end, the program includes two short tutorials on each of them. The participants of the seminar are not only invited to join the tutorials for DEMO and S-BPM, but also to actively evaluate the theoretical foundations and the practical achievements of both approaches in a World Café setting.

Latest S-BPM field study book (open access) available in PDF.


The seminar is designed accordingly:

9:00 Opening and introduction of participants 9:30 DEMO tutorial 11:00 S-BPM tutorial

12:30 Lunch

14:00 World Café comprising 3 tables: 1. & 2. Conceptual grounds and basic assumptions of DEMO/S-BPM, 3. Commonalties and Differences)

16.00 Reflection and Further Steps

17:00 Closing


Participation is by invitation only and restricted to max. 20 experts in the area of BPM.

Send mail to in case you are interested in participating.